Weekly farm news - 19 October 2021

  • Oct 22, 2021
  • By Daniel Goldman
Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

It was good to get away but I always feel a little out of sorts when I come back. Like i don't quite know what my routine is.  But all I need to do these days is spend a few hours in the garden and I feel grounded again and ready for action.

This week the email will be briefer than normal. I received nearly 800 plants of various types today and I have to get as many as I can in the ground in the next few days. I've got to plant red onions, red and green lettuces, black kale, savoy cabbage and Asian mixed leaves.

The list is below. I have the full compliment of vegan cheeses this week - as we stopped by in Aljezur to pick up some stock on our way home. And there are several new varieties of Apple to try. And finally Aude will be creating some beautiful Xmas wreaths to order for the holidays. I will share some pictures in a week or two. (but delivery will be nearer Xmas time.)

Thanks and have a lovely week.
Lots of love,