Weekly Farm News - 02 November 2021

  • Dec 14, 2021
  • By Daniel Goldman
Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

The field is looking revitalized after a few days of rain. Everything is resplendent. However there were a few causalities; the greenhouse door blew off and the chicken pen is a shambles but otherwise everything survived intact.The market on Saturday was... invigorating :). I was happy so many of you braved the rain and came to visit. I really appreciated it.

There are again a few more new items on the list this week. I am trying bottled organic pear and apple juice. Its made by one of the farms we get apples and pears from. And there are limes and mandarins for this first time this year. And I have found a new farm for the avocados. They are also in the Algarve but have a little more experience growing than the previous supplier, so should be much better. I hope you find something nice.

This week the Cop 26 (United Nations Climate Change conference)  is taking place. I think a case can be made to say this is the most important gathering of humans in the history of mankind.

What can we do - at home watching this existential drama unfold? Perhaps the most important thing we can do is simply not turn away, and pay attention to what is happening.

Humanity has struggled and failed so far to take in what is happening and meet the threat we face with anything like the courage, conviction and collaboration needed. Another failure to grasp what maybe our last chance to avert the most serious impacts of man made climate change would be heartbreaking

But just this time maybe we will have something to celebrate. We can hope! I'm praying for the planet!

Lots of love,