Weekly Farm News 23 November 2021

  • Jan 11, 2022
  • By Peter Simmons
Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well. Sorry again for not making it to the the market and thanks to everyone who made an order.

I was very lucky this week to have some help on the farm.  It was only for one day but we were really focused and got so much done. We planted leeks, lettuce, Parsley, and Red and green cabbages and transplanted strawberry plants into  the field from a nursery bed. And we got some much needed repairs done to the greenhouse -  just in time as it turned out.

Then the rain came. Actually we were lucky because we just got rain. In Sao Bras they had a hail storm which destroyed at least one friends vegetable garden. This week we are preparing for the Christmas market in Quinta Shopping and hopefully we will have a few new trays of plants coming our way.

For the first time we have some organic olive oil on the list. It is Portuguese  extra virgin cold pressed olive oil from the Doura region. It is packaged in small tins - which I am told is the best way to store olive oil.  Its €4.55 for half a litre.

And as promised Aude has made some beautiful Fresh Christmas wreaths,  made with 100% local greenery, dried oranges, dried apples, and algarvian chilis. (She can add velvet ribbons too if you like.)

The sizes and prices are as follows:

Ø25cm (diameter) : 30€
Ø30cm : (diameter) 35€
Ø40cm : (diameter) 45€

I will take us about a week to have them ready for you.

This week in our garden the beetroot, chard, spring onions and celery, Mandarins are all looking great. Last week I picked 2 KG or cherry tomatoes and a few kilos of peppers but I think the plants are finally giving up the ghost. Amazing that they were productive for so long - from May until December nearly! And finally broccoli is back - from 6 Marais' farm near Lagoa.

For those interested there is a Vegan fair in Olhao on the 28th of November. The details are available in the image below.

Finally - if you want to return the brown bags I use to wrap up the veggies then please do. As long as they are clean and not torn I can reuse them.

Thanks and lots of love,