Weekly Farm Newsletter 21 December 2021

  • Jan 11, 2022
  • By Peter Simmons
Hi Everyone,

Happy Holidays to you all.

The market this week in Loule is on Friday the 24th and I will be in my usual spot. And I may even have a glass of gluhwein for those who drop by. 

I'm going to take the week between Xmas and New Year off, so I will not be making deliveries, attending the market or writing the newsletter next week.
The next newsletter will be in 2022 - on the the 4th of January, and I'll be delivering and going to the market as usual that week.

I was just able to plant out a few beds of crops - leeks, lettuces, rocket and kale - before the rain came yesterday. And when it rains here... it pours!  It  is very welcome as ever but it means I can't do much outside. Last week we planned to make bio-char but the new online system for registering fires rejected my request! I think it was too windy. So that will have to wait. Now I am winding down a bit and looking forward to a few quiet days.

In the field we have some lovely looking Cavello Nero - black Kale, and Swiss chard, celery, and beetroot. And from 6 Marias I have aubergines, courgettes, cucumber and broccoli and bananas from the canaries.

I think I'll leave the news section for this week. Next year I want to write about the transition I've made to 'no dig' gardening. I have been slowly introducing this method into the field and seeing if it can really work in this context - with low rainfall and heavy clay soils. And contrary to my initial impression I now think it is definitely the way to go. I haven't taken my rotor-tiller out for 8 months now! But I'll save my enthusiasm for next year.

OK that's all for this week. Thanks again for being such great customers and I wish you all  super xmas and a happy new year.

Lots of love,