Amendoeira Organics

Organic Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables


Amendoeira Organics was set up at the beginning of 2020. Just as the pandemic swept cross the world, bringing economies and countries to a standstill we received our EU Organic certification and decided to start growing organic fruit, nuts and vegetables.

Initially we shared our produce with a few friends and neighbours, and gradually this group of customers (and friends) grew. In December 2020 we started selling our produce on Saturday’s at the Loule farmers market. We love being at the market and continue to go there every week.

As organic farmers we are committed to learning and applying regenerative and sustainable farming practices.  Our aim is to continually improve the quality of the soil and the environment, while growing and selling fresh organic produce. We are only selling locally (to reduce the carbon footprint of the farm) and to ensure the produce as fresh as possible. (Most orders are harvested within 48 hours of delivery.) We obviously do not use any chemical pesticides, and fertilisers and almost all of our farming is done by hand – without the use of heavy machinery.

We believe farms should be at the heart of our local communities. We want our customers to get to know us and our partner farmers, and we are working to establish a collaborative and transparent way of working to bring ourselves, our customers and our partner farms closer to nature and each other.

Monte Cau

Shiitake Mushrooms Produced in Oak Logs


The Monte Cau project was born from my taste for gastronomy and the desire to create something where I feel fulfilled and happy. So, the mushrooms came as the main engine, giving life and dynamics to the project.

The name Monte Cau comes from my connection to my great-grandmother “Cau”, Maria do Carmo, with her calm and patience was an example of union with the land and with others. Her simple and sincere way of being, among so many other qualities, fulfilled me with happy memories.

The good things in life take their own time, sowing, planting, creating and building, and that´s what I am sharing now.
Sandro Valente - Monte Cau®


Gourmet Vegan (non-dairy) alternatives to cheese





Acayú was born out of a personal need to eat a flavourful cheese that is completely animal-free. Back in 2011 fermenting addict & Chef Moti Nagar developed the first recipes and they became a hit with all the guests at a New York-based Yoga residency.

Since then, best friends Raz & Moti have been playing around with plant-based recipes and delighting their guinea pig friends! The four cream cheese varieties require a fermentation process which is key for the development of its flavour. Additional focus is placed on texture, the quality of the ingredients, including organic cashew nuts and locally sourced herbs and spices.

There are six hard cheeses (narrowed down from 15 well-loved flavours) that will follow the cream cheeses into the market which require longer fermentation to transform into proper cheeses, with a natural rind and moulds that identify a cheese and determine its character. In fact, the bacteria used for this process is the same used in the dairy industry, only that acayú keeps it 100% vegan.

Quinta Seis Maria´s

Organic fruit and Vegetable – growers and wholesalers




The Quinta Seis Marias is a family run farm, located in Sargaçal, a rural village at 4km from Lagos city and the beaches of the Algarve’s coast.

We grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and are one of the oldest organic farms in the Algarve.

Sargacal once supplied the nearby city of Lagos with all much of it’s vegetables, and Qunita Seis Marias has renovated their family farm there – bringing it back to life and providing quality organic food to the local markets and more widely to organic shops and market traders.

Aude´s Flowers

Flowers and Events





In-house florist since 2017 at the Quinta Os Agostos, one of the most famous and beautiful events place in the Algarve.

Aude is a French florist absolutely obsessed by flowers and greenery, specialised in the floral design for weddings.

Since 2020, the Quinta decided to initiate an ecological transition and began to grow its own flowers, taking advantage of the orchard soil and without any chemical treatment or pesticides.

Quinta Frutureza - Oliver and Karin

Organic fruits and Vegetables



In October 2020 we accepted an opportunity to rent and manage an already functioning organic farm, and my husband Oliver and I (Karin)  have been tenants of the 2.5-hectare organic farm since February 1, 2021.

Our farm, which we decided to call Quinta Frutureza, is certified by Ecosert.

At Quinta Frutureza, you'll find apricots, oranges, tangerines, plums, apples, persimmons, avocados, quinces, guava and peaches.

For our landscaping and organic fertilizer, we rely on our donkeys, ponies, mini sheep, goats and mini pigs.

We're very close to Nature and of course we do not use anything that harms another living being. Our photovoltaic system provides electricity for us and for the irrigation pump.

We do our best for the environment. Sustainability comes first.

We love to live with and in Nature and anyone who wants to visit us is welcome. We are in Tor, in the Estrada do poco lavaginho. You'll see a sign "Quinta Frutureza " on the road.

Horta Velha - quinta biologica

Biological Farm


We started and received the Bio certification from Sativa  in 2019 ,
It's a family operated farm , Mauro , Fernanda and Leonardo (son). Mauro is an agronomist with more than 30 year experience in organic agriculture and Fernanda is an Environmental engineer with large experience in auditing and certification.


We have 2 hectare of avocado hass trees  as the main crop.  We will start production in 2022) and we will sell eggs from laying hens in a rotational grazing scheme. We also grow some minor crops (figs, pumpkins and citrus, )


We grow organically as we believe that this system is the most appropriate  to have an enduring , efficient and economically viable family enterprise , producing healthy and energy intense food products while enhancing soil health and biodiversity in the farm.


We follow permaculture principles in the farm design and aim for a NO agro inputs off grid model where the chickens and cover crops will enhance soil health and fertility.


Mobile 919998222, 
Address: Ponte de Albufeira, Boliqueime  8100-088,
Legal entity : Biopecan Lda 
Facebook and Instagram @Horta Velha ,