Weekly Farm News 04 January 2022

  • Jan 11, 2022
  • By Peter Simmons
Hi Everyone,

Happy New year! I hope you had a great holiday, and the new year marks a turning point for the pandemic, so we can all enjoy a little more freedom and good health in the year ahead. After a lovely quiet holiday at home I am feeling optimistic and looking forward to the year ahead.
I have changed a few things with the way I make my orders so this year you can order any day you like. We will still be preparing orders and delivering on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and you can pick up  as before on these days  - including Saturdays at the market.

The garden is looking great after the rain but needs some attention as it's got a little weedy. I am getting on top of that in the next few days and planting beetroot and garlic. we have lovely celery this week and chard, Black Kale, beetroot, green & red lettuce.

The chickens are all well. (See the photo). After the rain they were clearly in need  of some dry earth to clean themselves with, so when I let them out for their daily amble, they made a sand pit under the bamboo and all jumped in for a group hug.

This week we are trying a new venue. We will have a weekly pop up store at the Eco Campervan park in Sao Bras de Aportel on Thursday mornings. Fingers crossed!

I look forward to seeing you all soon,
Lots of love,

PS: For those of you looking for Vegan cheese - sorry I don't have stock now -  I am ordering today and will pick up early next week.