Weekly Farm News - 09 November 2021

  • Dec 12, 2021
  • By Daniel Goldman
Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

I have spent time in the field clearing the last of the summer plants - tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. and I have planted  Japanese white icicle radish and coriander. We also started our olive harvest  - a bit late  - but better late than never. We are saving the best ones for curing, and the rest will go to the mill to exchange for a litre or two of oil. Next year we want to combine our olives with those from another local organic farm - so we can get up to the magic 450 kilo amount which allows us to produce our own organic oil.

This week in our garden we have some nice young chard leaves, beautiful baby beetroot (sold with the leaves which are great in salad), and really nice celery. We have a new bed of ripe spring Onions and also have the first of our cured olives. We prepared them in the traditional way with oregano, salt and garlic. (They are best served with a little olive oil and a extra sprinkle of oregano.)

Just one point. Almost everything I buy from other farms is farmed in Portugal and I try to source as much as I can locally. there are one or two exceptions - like ginger. Sometimes there are few items from Spain as well - but I will label these in future as Spanish.

(Finally if anyone is looking for a great cleaner, housekeeper, and dog walker then let me know. I can put you in touch with  a great young woman who worked for a neighbour of mine, who recently returned to the USA.)

Thanks and lots of love,