Weekly Farm News 16 November 2021

  • Jan 11, 2022
  • By Peter Simmons
Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

Its been one of those weeks where intentions have far exceeded productivity on the farm. I have a long list of things to do but haven't got many of them ticked off . There have been a few distractions this week. We were having the panels on our roof replaced and spent several nights without a roof over our heads  - praying for once that it didn't rain! And our little dog Pepi was injured during the week, so we spent two days with our stomach in knots hoping he was going to be OK. The good news is, he is much better and we are hoping he has realized  its not such a good idea to bite the wheels of moving cars. But Pepi is a fighter and I wouldn't be surprised if given the chance he'll be out there again chasing the rubbish truck away.

So now my excuses are made I can admit I only really got through a couple of afternoons weeding. We also took our olive harvest to the mill yesterday to find it closed. They had to close because they had too many olives and couldn't keep up with the demand!

This week in our garden the beetroot, chard, spring onions and celery are the winners. The black kale is coming on nicely but not there yet. From the other farms  - the apple and pear juice seems to be going down well and the Story apples we had last week are in my opinion the best apples we've had ever. They are delicious.

The hotly anticipated COP 26 is over and the outcome is predictably contested. The leaders seem to think they've done a marvelous job but the scientists and activists are not in agreement. As I understand it the pledges made, if kept - which is a big if, would result in temperature rises well over 2 degrees.  Which means, unless urgent and bolder action is taken - the impact of climate change will be catastrophic for humanity. Probably not want you wanted to read here  - but I don't know how else to put it. These predictions are no longer contested within serious scientific communities.  There is still much that can be done but I think increasingly it will need to be driven from the bottom up - and not the top down.

Thanks and lots of love,